A Bright Sunny Day
Yupeng He
20:00 / United States
Short, Student

The appearance of a girl on a bright sunny day gently changes the life of a young man.
Charalambos Margaritis
15:00 / Cyprus

An inept figure takes on the impossible task of dealing with the memory of the 1974 Turkish army invasion in Cyprus and its aftermath.
ABURIDASHI Assortment:
Video Letters written in invisible ink
Nonoho Suzuki
09:24 / Japan
Animation, Documentary, Experimental

This work is an experimental documentary animation by the traditional Japanese technique of "ABURIDASHI". And it's consists of three parts: Beginning, Middle, and End. "Beginning" is a personal video made to celebrate my friend Hiratake-san. "Middle" is about Hiratake-san's anger at the government responses to the Great East Japan earthquake. "End" is about the fear of war in which get involved individuals. This work depicts how my perspective changes from an individual to a nation over a period of 10 years.
Ana Morphose
Joao Rodrigues
10:00 / Portugal

A little girl reads herself to sleep. As she dozes off, the physical world starts melting into an alternate reality where the contents of a book rule over the laws of physics. Ana has to escape being swallowed by the overwhelming accumulation of printed knowledge and find her own space in a world where nothing is what it seems.
Brick Head
Alexis Manenti
22:55 / France

In an Eastern town, a young gang leader is terrorizing his neighbourhood. He forces everyone to carry a brick as a sign of submission. One day, an adolescent humiliated by the "tyrant" decides to fight back.
Liao Wen
14:00 / Hong Kong

Colorween is a film produced with a Halloween event of the same title. Once habits become routine, we take them for granted. Participants of Colorween were asked to rebuild their identities and abandon the social norms that they carry. The correct hierarchy between people should be restored: we are all the same. It adds colors to the dark night of Halloween...
Dawn of Melancholy:
A Birthday Soliloquy
Lisa Birke
14:00 / Canada

Dawn of Melancholy: A Birthday Soliloquy, ruminates on the passage of time, reproduction, and meaning making as the lines between recorded, enhanced, and artificial reality become blurred. The viewer is implicated in an existential crisis when they inadvertently release a digital copy of the artist from the confines of the video through augmented reality.
Aiman Benslimane
17:27 / Morocco

Debris is an essay film that documents a journey through a place in a period of my life - the city of Tangier, Morocco. In this piece, I reflect on the relationship between personal and collective memory, exploring the different layers of history that accumulate and intersect in the space of the city.
domy + ailucha: CENAS KETS!
Ico Costa
30:00 / Portugal

The director was scheduled to travel to Mozambique in March 2020 to continue filming the story of two young Mozambicans in their daily lives in the city of Inhambane. Due to the... he was unable to travel. He had left a small camera in Inhambane, and with it they made a film from a distance.
Yanina Boldyreva
06:21 / Russia

The war started by Russia against Ukraine in 2014 is ongoing. Novosibirsk, the city in which I lived most of my life, is located far in the country's periphery, at a distance of 3,500 km from the front zone. How much has it changed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion?
Pedro Bastos
10:00 / Portugal

In 1981, English actress Kathy Harcourt mysteriously disappeared from the United States. 40 years later, this story unfolds, from an old 35mm copy of the last film Kathy Harcourt stared in. This film retraces this brief episode of the golden age of adult cinema.
Guarda Vieja 3458 timbre 3/6
Karen Akerman, Miguel Seabra Lopes
12:00 / Brazil

In exile, a brazilian child weaves strategies to rise.
How to Build a House out of Wreckage and Rags
Bernd Lützeler
08:00 / Germany

Found footage: California in the 1950's and 60's. A young Indian couple enjoys their personal American dream come true in their home somewhere in the suburbs of San Francisco. In great detail they demonstrate their newly achieved wealth in front of their Super-8 camera. Like postcards, they would send these film rolls to their families back in India. Around the same time, an American missionary couple visits the city of Calcutta to shoot a Christian propaganda film. The drastic reality of poverty and famine in the streets of the Indian metropolis fits perfectly into their wicked plan: To promote the believe in Christ by showing the misery that pagan believers are doomed to suffer from.
Ric Bianco
04:45 / Italy

A man, elegantly dressed, contemplates the vastness of the sea. With the passage of time, however, man becomes increasingly distressed due to constant movement. Determined to put an end to that restlessness, he seeks a solution and with the help of Reason first and Technique at a later time, he tries to contain the sea, in such a way as to stop it. Soon, he's exhausted by efforts and understands that rational knowledge can do nothing against what it depends on: Being.
Milan Zulic
06:00 / Switzerland

“I have found the sea,
An ocean limitless.
I have opened a treasury unending,
Its jewels blaze with the luster of a thousand thousand suns,
And they blaze here, in my soul.
Of a sudden,
Without any effort of mine own,
I have heard the eternal Secret,
I have learned to know God.
Here in my life hath blossomed
The flower of perfect union”.
International Kansk Offline Festival
Pavel Dikov
12:31 / Russia

Pavel and Arseny are filmmakers. They learn about the cancellation of the International Kansk Festival in their hometown and decide to help the organizers not to discredit the honor by holding an offline screening in mirrored Kansk.
Morning of Faina
Francois Ivanovich Ovalov
12:05 / Russia

In 2022 Francois Ovalov moves from Paris to Russia to get into crazy underground art.
nothing happens
Dimitri Venkov
13:55 / Turkey

Short film inspired by the eponymous collection of poetry of Andrei Monastyrsky.
Priscilla 25. Ghost Me If U Can
Evy Schubert
30:00 / Austria

PRISCILLA 25. GHOST ME IF U CAN seduces us with the promises of search portals and digital holiday planning. Freely adapted from AirBnB, translated with Google Translate and composed with copy & paste, the absurdity and tragic comedy of holiday promises is revealed. Let's talk the whole thing nice! Instead of an advertising video that takes us to distant paradises, we encounter surreal internet horror and the double standards of our time! We meet the employees who have to rent in order to get their piece of the pie! PRISCILLA 25 is their sect, we watch how they break down and reveal their own abysses and longings to us. A tragicomic tour de force with a soundtrack by Toni Ferrara™️.
Khalil Charif
06:00 / Brazil

A spell is cast on the dance floors, and it transforms the atmosphere. Sensory stimuli and traces of a documentary past are captured and thrown into an imaginary present, a fabulation beyond the fascination of the night, towards a re-enchantment with life, with being together, interweaving conviviality and liberation.
The Eternal Flame
Irina Tsykhanskaya
06:50 / Russia

The video reflects the culmination of the processes that began more than ten years ago and reached their peak with the outbreak of a full-scale war. It expresses the accumulated tension that has burst to the surface, embodied in the form of a dictatorial monster.This eternal flame is supported by crude oil...
The Eyeball Person
Yuri Muraoka
11:42 / Japan

This film is about gazes and goodbyes. An attempt to weave images with words and to weave a poem with images. I realize that living is suffering to see that Nemu, the one of my daughters, squirms with the struggle and sunflowers squirm to try to bloom.
Sasha Pirogova
12:00 / Russia

Children suggest answers to the question ‘What has to be done?’ creating the world where everyone finds a personal solution.
Transparent, I am.
Yuri Muraoka
11:36 / Japan

In the year of 2020 when the world was forced to “change”, I wanted to confirm what changed and what did not change in me and wrote a poem “Transparent, I am.”. This film is based on it. The white mask I wore became the screen projected my past. My family are sometimes hurt and suffer, but support me who suffers from schizophrenia. Nonoho, Yuri, Nemu and Hana. The four of us live today to the fullest while looking for the answer to “Who are we?”


JUNE 21, 7-10 PM

Idea and text by the author: Daniil Zinchenko
Lyrics: Comments from Wikimapia*
Music composers and performers: Svetlana Sataeva, Grigory Mumrikov, Alina Kotova, Vyacheslav Sysoev, Daniil Zinchenko

An opera "Route" is a collective experience of virtual traversal of the path on the Losiny Island* with an unclear purpose. The libretto of the opera is divided into two parts - it's the personal narrative of the traveler and comments from Wikimaps** about the places on the map through which the route is completed. The texts of these comments are set to music of collective authorship in a multi-polar genre diversity, forming what is called Hymments (hymnody of comments).

The statements of commentators are a historical document, and the Losiny Island is a nature reserve in Moscow, which may soon cease to exist in the form it does now. The libretto was written in 2016, and the Hymments, which were heard on the tree tops or power line supports back then, now echo the geography that has turned into memory.


JUNE 22, 7-10 PM

Death of an Extra
Mikhail Zheleznikov
10:00 / Israel

A brief study of the unusual history of one old film frame.
The Soot
Nikita Baranov
14:07 / Russia

Smoking under a blanket and bizarre images in the stuffy dark.
The film was printed frame by frame on a receipt tape. The material used was fragments of old films, videos from the Internet, my own material filmed on an iPhone and sound found on the Internet.
Ritual / Sysert
Polina Mantsurova
25:00 / Russia

Young guys spend their summer 2022 in a small town in the Urals.
Searching for the nothing in the void
Denis Mustafin
15:33 / France

Imprint in motion
directed by Andrey Silvestrov
50 min / Russia

The project focuses on a human body in great variety of plastic forms whereas the space of the museum of Classic Art serves as the venue for this artistic experiment. Unfettered by the Word, fixed in sculptures or moving in dance, a human body reinterprets stories rooted in the history of West European civilization.

Choreographers: Liliya Burdinskaya, Andrei Korolenko, Konstantin Semyonov, Aleksandr Frolov, Anna Shekleina

Composers: Mark Buloshnikov, Darya Zvezdina, Vasilii Peshkov, Aleksei Retinskii, Aleksandr Khubeev
directed by Maria Rubina
16 min / 2022 / Russia

Exploring the limits of non-freedom , registry office as the space of alienation, voices of brides in the vortex of eternal.
directed by Elena Skripkina
20 min / 2020 / Russia

The film-epitaph XX020 is dedicated to the reinterpretation of the catastrophes of the past century, acquiring a different meaning and eschatological responsibility through the Event, which unfolds at an empty grave. Hiroshima, the Siege of Leningrad, and the Gulag - catastrophes intertwined with genetic memory and linked to contemporary reality, are united in the numerical significance of the film's title - XX020.
directed by Andrey Silvestrov
20 min / 2020 / Russia

A Sound Art Film. The sounds of the wild Kamchatka nature turn into Music. Music of the elements confronts human civilization.
directed by Victoria Chupakhina
10:38 min / 2023 / Russia

Still a human, but already animal-like creature in a transitional state tries in vain to catch up with the beast (dog). It is blind and guided only by the sound oÿ an escaping animal, but such a game of blind man's buff turns into a looped story of attempts to grab the animal by the tail, catch up, catch, occupy animality.



written and directed by Andrey Kagadeev / NOMFILM
75 min / Russia / 2023
Language: Russian without English subtitles

Ornithologist enthusiast Vasily Deryaba from Oryol goes on a business trip to a small provincial town. Upon arrival, he learns that the person who invited him disappeared without a trace the day before. People are disappearing en masse in this town. Soon, the hero meets the local veteran farmer Filimon Kukuyev, the main supplier of chicken meat and eggs to the city's cafes and restaurants. This farmer looks and behaves extremely suspiciously. Deryaba begins his own investigation...

Starring: Grigory Gryaznov, Alexander Liver, Fedul Greedy, Nyuta Cordiy, Tatyana Shapovalova, Andrey Lyublinsky, Stas Boretsky, Alexander Shaburov, and others
Composer: Alexey Zubkerman (from the band NOM).
directed by Klim Kozinsky
65 min / 2017 / Ukraine

A comics about superhero philosophers, who get involved in various predicaments and try to utter God's name.The movie is made up of eight episodes, each in its own genre. There are detective stories, a Western, a thriller, a conspiracy movie, horrors, and comedies - It is a fantastic voyage through the jungle of reason.
films by anthony sherin
Solo, Piano - NYC
5 min 7 sec / 2011 / USA

On a cold winter morning, a lone piano stands curbside in New York City. Passersby slow, stop, and play. Some play well. All day long they collect and disperse, and into the night they measure and shove and deliberate. What if…? Can we take it? Who abandons a piano?

Plinking slightly out-of-tune over the white noise of Broadway’s cars, buses, trucks, and sirens, the piano awaits its fate. Solo, Piano – NYC is a 5-minute film of the last 24 hours of a once-wanted piano.

Un-American Activities
31 min 9 sec / 2023 / USA

Un-American Activities is about Russian/USA relations from WWll to the Cold War - as the beginning of that decades-long struggle played out in Hollywood during the Blacklist period.
MASTERPIECE: The Video Manifesto of the 8 laws of Sergey Kalmykov
directed by Darya Jumelya
55 min / 2023 / Kazakhstan

Almaty artist, writer, inventor and genius of the absolute interplanetary category Sergei Kalmykov in 1938 developed 8 laws for creating a masterpiece. In 2018, members of the ORTA Collective monstrously and breathtakingly staged these laws, and photographer, videographer and the New Genius Darya Jumelya captured the Cinematic Dimension of the process. Together with the guide-performer Alexandra Morozova, the viewers will walk this path, and the invisible and indescribable source of the entire world will be revealed to them – the Universal Composition.


JUNE 22, FROM 0:30 PM

russia as a phantasma
A collective film directed by 22 authors who participated in the Kansk Video Festival
70 min / 2016 / Russia

A provincial portrait capturing Russia in all its laconic glory,

surreality and brutality – the cinematic panorama of the tiny city

of Kansk in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia.

It is a polyphonic cinema-fresco about a journey into the deeps of the human soul. Views and dreams of different authors about life, death, and art, framed in a beautiful vast of the Siberian landscape.

RUSSI – is an international project, filmed by a group of authors that have joined in a collective effort of directors, artists and poets.

Les cendres de nos jours
directed by Yasha Vetkine
73 min / 2024 / France

Urban nomads are constantly wandering through Mediterranean cities in times of permanent crisis. The space is fragmenting, and the time is cycled. A crisis of perception of such basics as timeline and spaceline. Characters witness the defragmentation of reality. We have to follow events using different tools and different mindsets. To pass through a period of turbulence. The film is a sequence of performances documented and mixed with a series of soundscapes - a journey through the dust of our days.


JUNE 22, 2 - 6 PM

suyer-vyer islands
Two installations and one performance based on a classical late-Soviet psychedelic novel, Yuri Koval's 'Suyer-Vyer', about brave sailors led by the eccentric captain and philosopher searching for the Island of Truth. The audience is welcome to participate in both activities, which will later become parts of the feature film ‘Suer-Vyer’.


Image designed by Stepan Lukyanov
Application developer - Anton Mashkov


The Israeli-based international project presenting animation films. Conducted by Dina Goder, a film scholar and animation expert.

June 21
7 pm - Experimental animation films for adults

June 22
2 pm - Fun party for little kids. Short stories about animals and birds, about big stars and tiny insects. Ages 0+
4 pm - Fun party primary school children. Ages 6+
11 pm - Dance animation party for adults. Night music and animated music videos created by young film directors.
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